Firstly I’d like to wish everyone health and all the best for the future.  I stopped Wilks & Co. deliveries the third week in March, as the company is principally an ‘on trade supplier’, although there were quite a number of tempting public enquiries, I considered wine to be a non essential commodity and thought the government would agree, however I suppose they think cycling and drinking are akin to the food and drink which we all need to keep us alive. Or maybe they had one eye back to prohibition and the rise of different pedallers (and different spelling), making money and paying no tax. I can’t blame them for that, as to make people stay at home without the chance to buy alcohol would be tricky – which leaves me with a warehouse full of wine as others are making hay while the sun has been shining. So, for anyone still interested,  you can now look at our full list by sending your details using the enquiries & orders button and you’ll receive an emailed reply. However you must supply your email address as it won’t be picked up automatically. I would need a 12 bottle order and do not accept credit cards so if you’d rather pay by card, or buy smaller quantities, I can recommend some small retailers who might be able to help. Your details will not be passed onto anyone without prior consent.

Don’t forget to drink responsibly and not on two wheels!

All the best for the future.

Brian Wilks. DIRECTOR